For the E.T.A. Contact Retreat in Hawaii experience we kindly ask you to complete this simple disclosure relating to your health, safety and liability. Please complete this form and send it along with your request to participate in the E.T.A. Contact Retreat.

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Terms of Refund

If you decide to cancel this trip after booking it:

If you cancel and we are able to fill your space, we will refund your full deposit less $100 processing fee.

If we are not able to fill your space, the organization will refund the entire
amount of your payment, minus $500, up until (2) months before the trip takes place (March 6th, 2020).

No refund will be given if you decide to cancel within the last 4 weeks prior to the trip.

Liability Release Notice

By attending the retreat you are agreeing that E.T.A. Productions, and any of the co-creators of the retreat, will not be held liable, or financially responsible, for any injuries, whatsoever, regardless of whether the injury is caused by negligence.


E.T.A. Productions strongly recommends that each participant have their own travel- and cancellation insurance.


E.T.A. Contact Retreat in Hawaii may be physically challenging as there will be many physical activities on a daily basis. Good physical and mental health is required for the group to have a fun interactive experience. If there are any changes in your physical or mental health after booking please inform the organization immediately.


There are many risks involved in swimming with wild Dolphins in the Pacific. These include but are not limited to: accidentally injuring oneself in some way during this (or any other) activity on or off the boat during the journey – or being affected by unexpected or extreme weather conditions. Certain medical conditions can increase the likelihood of experiencing injuries while engaging in rigorous activity. By attending the retreat you are acknowledging and accepting the risk that comes with the activities.

The agenda is flexible for guests who may need processing time.