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2020 Hawaii

Do you believe in Extraterrestrials?

Most likely, and this belief led you here!

So if ETs exist, what is the next step to making contact? The truth is many people from around the globe are already interacting telepathically and even physically with various kinds of ETs of many different races.

Join us in Hawaii where we will work with a small group of contact specialist who will teach you how to tune your heart, mind, and spirit to become a point of contact to help humanity usher in and reconnect to our greater cosmic family.


What we explore

How & why contact is important to life on earth.


How & why healing issues at a personal level and empowering yourself and others is an important part of making contact.


What ET wisdom is and how we can we make alliances with beings and supportive ET races.


This 6 day action packed week includes workshops, tours, great food and is an all inclusive and encompassing adventure to other dimensions. (Airfare not included)

Adventure Hikes
Snorkeling with Dolphins
Meditation, Breathwork and Yoga
Live Channeling Sessions
CE-5 (star watching, contact meditations under the stars)
Contact related workshops
Dream work

March 2nd – to March 8th – 2020
Price: $2999

Big Island of Hawaii

Not included: Airfare to and from Kona or Hilo Airport on Big Island



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Limited to 15 people capacity, first come first serve, application process








Contact Specialists

Gita Rose

Gita Rose has been a channel and creative intuitive all her life. The first half of her life she was a performer in musical theater. She graduated from the American Musical Dramatic Academy in New York City. Then the curtain rose and the veils began to part, introducing to her new ways of being a channel and telling stories. Gita offers a range of Galactic Intuitive Transformational Activation techniques in sessions that can be personally tailored for each individual.

Gita is able to offer intuitive readings to help others activate their own innate abilities. She is also a vocal channel. Gita facilitates Bella, an Extraterrestrial Human Hybrid of the YahYel race. Bella and Gita are able to offer a wide variety of perspectives and tools to help people connect to more of their own inner contact. Bella brings reflections on ways to help activate people’s own ability to be their unique type of channel as well as an emphasis on the importance of the emotional body.

Remembering, together, everything we forgot we knew. Gita is also a registered Yoga Alliance 200 hour teacher. She is able to combine asana yoga, traditional meditation concepts, as well as vocal toning in her connections with her intuition and in the channeling with Bella.

“We have “alien” contact all the time. Aspects of the “Self” see the “Other” as something very foreign. When we embrace the mirror of any loving contact, we feel the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. We then know the only way to choose love, is to know thyself. “ – Gita

Reuben Langdon

Reuben Langdon is a Los Angeles-based Actor/Filmmaker/Truth Seeker. At a young age Reuben began acting in Japan and later he went on to have a steady career in Hollywood working on a variety of A-list TV shows, films, and Video Games

He has performed in and produced numerous motion capture shoots for various video games, most notability the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry franchises. His motion capture Stunt Work & performances made it to the big screen as Jake Sully’s stunt Double in James Cameron’s Avatar..

In April and May of 2013 Reuben produced The Citizens Hearing on Disclosure, a historical event that brought together 40 witnesses from 10 different countries to testify in front of 6 former members of U.S. Congress on the fact that the world is being engaged by Extraterrestrials.

His Show Interview with E.D. is one of the most watched shows on the GAIA network. Reuben continues his pursuit of finding the inner workings of our universe by interviewing channelers and making his own connections to our cosmic family and sharing their wisdom and perspectives..

“When I finally understood that I am the creator of my reality I looked at all possible storylines that exist or that I could even imagine. The cosmic one that is unfolding now, making contact with our galactic families, is in my opinion the greatest story being told. ” – Reuben

Additional Contact Specialists

Victoria Bliss

Victoria Bliss, self-named for the life she creates for herself, blissful, has been a personal growth and development trainer for the last 20 years. Her influences include Landmark, East Indian traditions and modern day inspirational leaders like Wayne Dyer, Abraham-Hicks and others that serve to enlighten and awaken those that are called.

Also known as the Manifestation Queen, she blends the wisdom of many prominent teachers along with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), the Deeksha Blessing from India and her own creative tools, to help others manifest, trust and transform their life experience and healing. Victoria teaches ways to create a life that embraces joy, fun, love, play, and ease through complete trust.

For over 20 years Victoria has been a resident of Grass Valley, CA during which time she raised her son Sean, (former US Marine), owned the retail shop Serendipity and owned the retreat center COCO’s (Center of Conscious Oneness) on Hawaii’s Big Island, now called Coco Wasi. She is a powerful healer, bright light and will change your life!

Shaun Swanson

Shaun Swanson began channeling in 1995. He is a channel for many members of our galactic soul family but probably most known for Ishuwa of the Yahyel. The experience of channeling is wonderfully enriching for Shaun. It connects him to ongoing interactions with a variety of human ETs and hybrid children that have origins in our galaxy and beyond. He experiences our ET soul family as being playful, highly intelligent, compassionate, curious, and delightfully fun. The information they share in group channeling events and in private channeling sessions is just one of many resources available that can awaken us to more of the heartfelt connections that exist within our galactic soul family!


Basic Schedule. More detailed schedule to be posted soon.

Day 0

March 2nd 2020: Pick up from Hilo Airport and Arrive at Coco Wasi for Dinner

Day 1

Mauna-Kea journey to see the stars, CE-5

Day 2

Humandalas, Channeling Q&A

Day 3

Create the life you love, Intuitive Art, What is Reality, Channeled Meditation

Day 4

Misc Workshops, Channeling Q&A (move to Kona side in prep for dolphin swimming)

Day 5

March 7th: Dolphin Swimming off boat and afternoon contact Meditations

Day 6

March 8th: Optional Morning swim with Dolphins. Back to Airport (shuttle to Kona International Airport and Hilo)

Note: Daily Wim Hof Method breath, Yoga, and meditation sessions, Dream Sharing, Nightly CE-5 sessions with night vision goggles

3 nourishing Vegetarian/Vegan meals a day included as well as lodging (note: sharing is required for certain rooms)

Not included: Airfare to and from Kona or Hilo Airport on Big Island


Coco Wasi

From Host Victoria Bliss
Coco Wasi is our lovely off-grid home on Hawaii’s Big Island. It is here where we hold private gatherings, work on the land and deeply connect into the aina and inherent beauty of the space. Coco was the original acronym for this land, the Center of Conscious Oneness. Wasi is a Quechua term, the language of the Andes, meaning home, dwelling, and in our case, a sanctuary and permanent culture of wellness.

The property has been a place of healing and transformation for the last thirty years. For five years Victoria owned Coco’s until 2010 and then it went into the hands of a couple who sold it to us in 2016. The background story is here.

Coco Wasi is completely off-grid with a new solar system and water catchment, providing power and water. There are over twenty fruits on the land that flourish their abundance at various times of the year. Our coconuts are exceptional, avocados delectable, night jasmine sensually aromatic.

Coco Wasi is a slice of paradise. We live in the jungle. It is always growing and always needing maintenance and cutting back. We have coqui frogs and harmless spiders that spin artistic webs, there are mongoose and a wide assortment of plants and trees. We have four amazing cats named Coco, Wasi, Kintu and Mooney, and is a sweet and special place that feels like home to those that come.


Workshops, Classes, and Events


Dolphin Swimming

Sheoli and Captain Mike

Sheoli began her many years of experience with dolphins in the wild in 1983 and shares her knowledge generously. She concurs with dolphin researchers that the effects dolphins have upon humans are exceptionally beneficial. The combination of the programs, the practices, the dolphin experiences and this sacred vortex quickens healing processes mentally, physically and emotionally.

Mike is a seasoned waterman, scuba master, fisherman & oceanic tour guide. His focus is to give us the best experiences with a variety of ocean inhabitants that are available on each charter.
We often visit with Spinner, Spotted, Bottlenose Dolphins, Pilot Whales, Whale Sharks and whoever else graces us with their presence.

“Dog’s View” , Yes, our boat has a dog who likes to swim with dolphins.


Channeling Bella

Gita Rose

Bella of the YahYel civilization is a member of our extended family. She is the result of a very specific lineage of the human/grey hybridization program. It is her joy and dedication to help our timeline of humanity reach full open contact with our star family. She is able to hold a space for contactees to remember how to have contact with extraterrestrial beings.

Bella will have specific monologue messages that are tuned for the frequency of the retreat. After the message there will be time for guests to have their own one on one dialogue. Bella and Gita are also passionate to share with guests how truly simple it is to bring information to ourselves. To us, through us, for us. ourselves first. Themes explored flow from synchronicity and are usually relevant for all present.


Are we Living in a Video Game? What is Reality?

Workshop w/ Reuben Langdon

Do we live in a virtual reality simulation? Are we building games to mimic reality consciously and/or unconsciously? If so what lessons can we learn? Learn how to play the game and get the cheat codes! Now is your chance to learn how this is being done and to actively participate in this new reality which is more like a Science fiction movie than you would think.

Most people know Reuben as the video characters Dante and Ken, but in other circles he is known as an ET/ UFO researcher and film producer. Reuben Mixes the best of both worlds to show everyone how to play and navigate the best Video Game ever. The game of life!


Create the life you love

Workshop w/ Victoria Bliss

We create our reality whether consciously or not, constantly. Have you ever worried about being late and missed a bus or subway? Or has it ever happened to you that you wanted something so much but deep inside you didn’t believe that it could be yours and it hasn’t happened?

These are all examples of manifestation. The problem isn’t learning how to manifest, we all do it all the time. The true challenge is rather how we can manifest consciously so we don’t feel powerless and like we’re dependent on luck or any external factor.

It’s not about controlling your destiny. It’s designing without attachment! There’s a huge field to play in! What do you want to play with! It’s like art! We came into this human form to create. Of course it’s possible to be happy, fulfilled and at peace by not doing anything.This is waking up that little child within that manifests from the moment! Victoria leads us in awakening that part of ourselves that is connected and inspired.


Special guest: Channeling Yeshua

Shaun Swanson

Ishuwa is a human being from the YahYel civilization. The YahYel are from a planet beyond our solar system. Ishuwa is an interstellar explorer and a translator for several galactic civilizations. His travels have provided him with a variety of experiences interacting with thousands of ET societies that live on planets all over the galaxy. Ishuwa is thoughtful, fun-loving, and playful. He speaks with clarity, humor, and intelligence. He shares knowledge through the channel Shaun Swanson that can help us build rich and loving relationships with ourselves, each other, our planet, and help us reconnect to our most exciting, fulfilling, and meaningful reality each day.

Shaun began channeling in 1995. He is a channel for many members of our galactic soul family but probably most known for Ishuwa of the Yahyel. The experience of channeling is wonderfully enriching for Shaun. It connects him to ongoing interactions with a variety of human ETs and hybrid children that have origins in our galaxy and beyond. He experiences our ET soul family as being playful, highly intelligent, compassionate, curious, and delightfully fun. The information they share in group channeling events and in private channeling sessions is just one of many resources available that can awaken us to more of the heartfelt connections that exist within our galactic soul family!


Wim Hof Method

Workshop w/ Reuben Langdon

For over 2 years Reuben Langdon has been a Wim Hof Method Practitioner. He has developed a unique view and understanding of the practice and calls it The Alchemy of WHM (Wim Hof Method). In a 1 hr session Reuben will share his perspective and walk you through the breathwork and stretching techniques. Watch a short film he made of his perspective and some background on the WHM


Dream Council

Workshop w/ Jon Popejoy

Every night when we go to sleep we make contact to extra dimensional realms through our dreams. Dreams are medicine stories for our community. A big part of contact with ETs is connected to the other beings in our dream realms. For it is in these realms we can easily pierce the veil and have safe interactions. Many of the indigionus cultures from around the world included dream time as an important part of one’s personal and spiritual growth. With reverence for the art of storytelling and dream process, we honor the muse of dreams and the power of their creative application in the waking world.



Workshop w/ Daniel

HuMandala connection are a quick and simple way to feel closer to peers and harmonize for potent collaboration. The HuMandala technique has similarities to qigong, yoga, reiki and sacred dance. It is an easy way to grasp the ancient principles of bio-energetic cultivation and power of intention.


Art & Yoga

// Sui Yumeshima, Gita Rose

Contact comes in many forms and fashions. We connect to our extra dimensional allies through Play and tuning our bodies to specific frequencies.

Art is tapping into our creative being and expression of our true self. Cosmic Artist Sui will guide you on how to use painting and drawing to connect to your inner star child.

Yoga helps ground our inner being. When we practice yoga we are practicing being in the state of contact. In a sense, Yoga is Contact. With Yoga we tap into and learn to control the infinite space and power within us that is needed to sustain the experience of contact.

Gita Rose is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher and is excited to be offering classes at the retreat. Gita’s style of yoga is based in ashtanga, vinyasa, and hatha.


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